Raisin Bread

0.15 3 cups whole wheat flour
0.15 5 cups white flour
0.10 or replace 1 cup white with soy flour
0.13 1/2 cup powder milk
1 T salt
0.18 2 T (2 packages) yeast
0.03 1/2 cup sugar
0.20 2 T cinnamon
0.50 2 cups raisons
mix well
and add:

heat until warm to the touch:
3 c water
2 T oil (does not seem to do anything but add fat)

Costs are Canadian when bought in bulk at the right stores (co-op’s).

Knead 5 min using additional white flour as needed. Shape as desired (I use
flat buns instead of loaves) and let rise in a warm place until the volume
doubles. Don’t bother puching it down and letting it rise again (for those
of you who have used yeast) because I have found that this only takes time
and makes no difference.

Vary the whole wheat / white flour ratio to get whatever consistency
you like. You will not get light fluffy bread unless you remove the soy flour
and the whole wheat flour (and then you have trashy white bread).

The purpose of the milk powder is to provide the bread with the protein
your body needs to digest the flour. If you eat the bread with milk, cheese
then you can omit the powdered milk. The amount of powder milk required is
actually 3 times that put in. If the soy flour is put in then the digestion
will be almost complete. Note that when done the protein content is about
half that of meat (pound basis) [soy flour has a protein content up to 3 times
that of meat on a per pound basis]

Adding 100% to everything makes enough to fill two cookie trays with
16 flat ‘buns’.

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